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Game industry

Online games accessible via browsers, crafted with cutting-edge technology and featured as children's CD gifts in magazines and juice products. These games are leveraged for online promotional marketing, attracting leads on social platforms as well.

eCommerce solutions

Develop solutions for online sales as well as to encourage partnerships that enable product distribution on social networks and generate increased sales rates.

Social networking platform

Solution offers a secure, private online space for organizations or community members, focusing on career advancement, networking, social support, and beyond. This social networking platform is accessible on devices powered by Android and iOS.

APIs data and information channels

An API backend designed for diverse frontend clients, ensuring even distribution of resources and data. Partners and different applications rely on the trusted data and information provided by one single's core business.

Vacation rental industry, focusing on distribution solutions

Enhance bookings and guest satisfaction with business connect's distribution solutions. Leveraging advanced technology and extensive industry experience, we help property managers increase efficiency and save time.

Instant chat communication

Quickly implement a swift and efficient chat solution that effortlessly merges with websites and customer service platforms, ideal for malls and retail scenarios. This tool facilitates instant interaction, enhancing both customer support and engagement.

Digital music streaming stations

An online MP3 player tailored for radio stations enables listeners to enjoy music streaming directly on websites. This user-friendly interface provides seamless access to live radio broadcasts and curated playlists, enhancing the digital music experience for users anywhere.

Human Resources Technology industry

A tool designed for HR professionals to assess vast numbers of CVs, going beyond mere text by incorporating innovative elements such as video and audio. This allows for the creation of highly impactful candidate profiles, providing a comprehensive view of each applicant's capabilities.


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